Post-Root Canal Instructions

You have just undergone endodontic therapy, otherwise known as a root canal. In about 95% of the cases performed, some discomfort will be experienced following this procedure for the first 7-10 days. Starting in the 2nd week, the area should feel better and usually by the third week, the area will function normally. If you do encounter pain, the problem usually arises from a secondary infection located in the bone surrounding the tooth.

On a national average, about 3% of all root canals fail within a 3 year period. These failures are usually associated with fractured roots, continuation of abscess formation or formation of a cyst at the end of the roots. The latter two can be treated by a procedure called an apicoectomy. This procedure requires a surgical opening into the bone and removal of the abscess or cyst. Since about 97% of all root canals are not cystic, we prefer to do a conventional treatment, since the success rate is high and if troubles ever arise, the apicoectomy can still be performed. Unless you were otherwise informed, a conventional root canal was performed on your tooth.

Please follow the recommendations below regarding your root canal: