Insurance and Finances

At Baus Dentistry, we feel that limiting the options available to you to restore your health (dental and otherwise) based on dental insurance coverage is the wrong thing to do. We value the Doctor-Patient relationship in the old-fashioned sense: We are committed to providing you with all of the information, options, and guidance you need to make the best decision for you and your health.

We will provide you with the best solution to meet your needs. Our office will file your insurance for you and help you through the entire billing process as quickly as possible. We are always willing to help. Just remember to bring your insurance card to your appointments. We file all insurance so your insurance company will receive each claim within days of the treatment. Most often the coverage by your dental insurance is not 100%, so at the time of the appointment you will be responsible for the remaining estimated amount.

Fee for service is always expected. We accept and file all insurance plans. We also are providers of Delta Dental, some Cigna plans, and Anthem 300. We cannot guarantee what your insurance company will or will not do with each claim, but will keep you informed of any changes at any point. In some cases, your insurance company may require additional, specific information we are happy to provide, but can't possibly predict. This will, unfortunately, slow your claim.

Below are some items that will help ensure timely processing of your claim:


Payment for professional services is expected at the time dental treatment is provided. Every effort will be made to provide a treatment plan that fits with your timetable and budget. We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards and most major credit cards.

We also utilize a company, CareCredit, which provides an interest free payment plan for your convenience. It is similar to a personal credit card that you use to pay for dental services; you then pay each credit card statement accordingly. If you are interested they have a very informative website that you can apply on. Our staff has information regarding CareCredit® as well.

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