We love getting to know our patients and want to see them every six months! This is not just to catch up and enjoy your company, but we want to preserve our patients' smiles and emphasize preventative care. Plus the American Dental Association recommends it too. These routine visits help us monitor your dental health and catch small problems before they turn into big ones. For example, a small cavity if left untreated can grow over time and destroy the entire tooth. These kind of untreated problems can lead to painful and costly situations that we would prefer to prevent.

During the exam and cleaning we will review any concerns, check all areas, and make any recommendations to keep you in excellent condition. We use the digital radiographs at this time as well to assess if you have any cavities, abscesses, sinus problems, jaw problems, or plaques in your carotid arteries. We can print out your treatment plan if needed so you can take it home and review it. We then use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove tarter from your teeth, and then polish your teeth smooth to finish.

These regular cleanings prevent decay, and preserve the health and well being of your gums as well as your teeth. Good oral hygiene is important to prevent a variety of dental and medical problems. Recent research has shown that the bacteria present in gum disease are also found in the plaques that clog arteries around your heart.

Therefore, a good professional cleaning is essential not only for the health of your teeth, but also your total health. We suggest that you come in for an exam and thorough cleaning every 6 month to best maintain your health; for some periodontal patients cleanings may be even a little sooner.