Your Childs' First Dental Visit

Around your child's first birthday, once teeth have erupted, it is time for their first visit to the dentist! This appointment is not only important for the health of your child's teeth but also for your child to get acquainted with the dental office and make it a happy place to visit. In past decades, many people feared the dental office—but we now find that most of our child patient's love to come visit us and we love to make it a fun experience for the both of us!

plush animals

At this visit, the child will be brought back to see one of the doctors, and on their way can pick out one of our many large plush animals. They then get to hop in the chair and get their picture taken and it is printed off to take home. Many of our older patients even have their first visit pictures from years ago! Then, one of the dentists will come in and complete an oral exam evaluating teeth, check for decay, make sure the teeth are coming in the right order as well as screen the oral tissues for disease and determine proper jaw development. Then we polish the child's teeth and put fluoride varnish on if needed.

By starting at this early age, you will help your child build a lifetime of good dental habits! We are looking forward to meeting your family and are excited that you are proactive in the health and dental care of your baby.